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Traversing a radical approach to materials usage and configuration, Eletech resolves to achieve a masterclass Copper experience that has an abyssal note weight and depth while having enamoring musicality, emotive notes and precise stereo imaging.

”Inferno” is the first in Eletech’s collection of cables to offer a dual full core design wherein each signal path (+ / -) is fed with a highly efficient complete 21 AWG gauge core packed with high purity copper. This in turn allows for an abyssal note weight and depth for the signature presentation.

The new geometry allows for 2 different strand sizes to be incorporated within a single core. Eletech takes advantage of this geometry by using a comparatively thinner strand of copper to bolster the high frequencies as well as a thicker one to bolster the mids and lows. By achieving a right balance, the highs extensions are elevated while the copper signatory layered decay and impact of the lows are preserved.

To achieve the targeted sound profile, the “Inferno” uses a unique blend of 2 types of prevailing audiophile high purity copper and is being shielded on 2 layers to allow pitch black background darkness and accentuate details in the forefront. The inner layer uses a fibre-ceramic shielding while the outermost layer, a OFC shielded net that rejects EMF

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