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Our Humble Beginnings

Element Technology (Eletech) is an innovative driven cable artisan headquartered in Singapore. Co-Founded by Eric Chong, a prominent figure within the cable segment of Head-Fi industry alongside materials specialist Wang, an incredible talent in the arts of materials engineering whom have been experimenting with cable crafts for decades. Eletech is the platform wherein the pair explores unconventional approaches to developing the zenith of cables though the perfect synergy of musicality, technology, design and innovation. 

Eric Chong has been deeply involved with the IEM cable industry segment for the better parts of 5 years while being an industry veteran for the past decade. He has collated various forms of limitations that cable manufacturers have encountered that has steered themselves away from a breakthrough of current bottleneck. Eletech therefore adopted a community-driven approach that is reinforced by a global mindset and talents to their R&D ensuring that the products and innovation shall always stay at the forefront of the industry while maintain excellent transparency. Eletech has also forged various vital connections with IEM & DAP manufacturers, constantly collecting feedback as to ensure that our products are in perfect synergy with the industry key leader's products.  

Our Promise

Customers within our heart 
Technology within our core

The Essence Of Eletech

Eletech Cables combines multiple approaches to cable crafts such as "Materials", "Geometry", "Purity", "Conductivity", "Braid works" among others which coalescent to form a plethora of exemplary products with a tinge of creativity flair. Eletech augmented by Eric's famed customer experience oriented approach as well as Wang's expertise in materials has brought on a team of like minded individuals whom pours their heart into the creation of every single piece of product. 

Every single piece of product is meticulously crafted and has gone through stringent quality control tests to ensure it meets the standards and hallmark of a "Eletech Cable", ultimately ensures that every piece of work that our customers receives are the worthy of being the crème de la crème.

Our Vision

Being the stewards of sound, ushering in a new era of musical fidelity through cables

The Drive To Excel

Passionate endeavours are often contagious, and Eletech's story is no exception. Eletech aims to improve the quality of living through musical enjoyment. We shall always stay at the forefront of the industry, constantly innovating to better serve our customers whom has supported us all along the way. We shall always uphold our core values even when the company scales  and stay accountable to our customers, partners and stakeholders. 

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