The School Of Athens Series has always been Eletech's most valued series, where extremities of the material catalyst are being explored. "Socrates" & "Plato",  discontinued after a 5 year successful run, were crowd favourites and often the benchmark standards that Eletech's new releases were held to.

The New Generation of "School Of Athens" features our culmination of ideals and philosophies, redesigning a "Copper" & "Silver" offering with a wholly new triple Coaxial and oil soaked geometry that showcases Eletech's advancement in technology and skills from the past 5 years.

Masterful Blend Of Gold & Silver!


Euclid" transcends from the previous "School of Athens" ideals, introducing a fresh perspective on the extremities of silver cables. It features Eletech's innovative tri-coaxial oil-soaked geometry, setting it apart from its predecessors. The cable combines OCC Silver with 1% Gold and Nano Gold outer coating, resulting in a luxurious presentation and an expansive, lush soundscape. "Euclid" effortlessly reveals micro details and offers a rich note weight, promising a truly majestic audio experience.



- 18 AWG, 2 Wires
- Triple Coaxial Pure Silver Litz + 1% Gold
(Oil-soaked Pure Silver + 1% Gold & Nano Gold Coating)
- Multi-Sized Stranding Design
- 24AWG Active Shielding + Silver Shielding Net
- Eletech Bespoke Solder
- Eletech Customised Y-Split & Connectors
- FlexiMax Insulation

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