Baroque - TWS Eartips (True Wireless IEMs)



Eletech’s latest TWS Eartips are inspired by the beloved “Baroque” Luxury IEM series, transforming portable audio luxury through intricate Baroque design. Meticulously researched and crafted for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds users, these eartips focus on enhancing audio experience with TWS-specific ergonomics, ensuring top-notch performance and immersive audio.

Drawing on the technological advancements of the Baroque IEM eartips, the TWS eartips feature innovations such as Flexion™ and advanced Satine+™ material technology, among other enhancements, to elevate the user experience. Specifically designed to enhance sound quality, comfort, and functionality, these eartips offer improved acoustic performance, delivering a truly immersive audio experience for TWS users.

Product Specifications 

  • Japan Medical Grade Silicon
  • Hypoallergenic Antimicrobial Material
  • PureShield™ Technology
  • Small- 11.20mm (Diameter) x 7.00mm (Height)
  • Medium- 12.50mm (Diameter) x 7.00mm (Height)
  • Large- 13.90mm (Diameter) x 7.00mm (Height)


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