Baroque - Airpods Pro Eartips



Eletech’s all-new eartips for Airpods Pro draw inspiration from the revered “Baroque” Luxury IEM series, elevating portable audio luxury with intricate Baroque design. With extensive research and crafting tailored for Airpods Pro users, these eartips not only enhances comfort during extended wear but also helps to improve the noise isolation capabilities of AirPods Pro, allowing users to enjoy their music with greater clarity and detail.

Building on the technological prowess of the Baroque IEM eartips, the AirPods Pro eartips features technology like Flexion™, advanced Satine+™ material technology as well as other features to enhance the user experience. These eartips are specially developed to deliver improved sound quality, comfort, and functionality. With enhanced acoustic performance, Baroque eartips for Airpods Pro provide users with a truly immersive audio experience. 

Product Specifications 

  • Japan Medical Grade Silicon
  • Hypoallergenic Antimicrobial Material
  • AeroVent™ Technology
  • Small- 11.20mm (Diameter) x 7.60mm (Height)
  • Medium- 12.50mm (Diameter) x 7.60mm (Height)
  • Large- 13.90mm (Diameter) x 7.60mm (Height)


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