Baroque - Luxury Hi-Fi Eartips



The "Baroque" collection represents Eletech's very first venture into the world of luxury IEM eartips, drawing inspiration from the ornate and intricate style of the Baroque era. These meticulously crafted eartips are designed to enhance the audio experience, providing a heightened level of performance and immersion.

The "Baroque" collection is a testament to Eletech's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations. With precise design and tailored fit, these eartips unlock the full potential of each and every IEM, unveiling layers of nuance, clarity, and richness like never before. The ‘Baroque’ symbolises Eletech’s epitome of sophistication and excellence.

Product Specifications 

  • Japan Medical Grade Silicon
  • Hypoallergenic Material
  • Small: 11.00mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)
  • Medium-Small: 11.60mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)
  • Medium: 12.25mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)
  • Medium-Large: 12.80mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)
  • Large: 13.30mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)
  • Extra-Large: 13.90mm (Diameter) x 8.25mm (Height)


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