The School Of Athens Series has always been Eletech's most valued series, where extremities of the material catalyst are being explored. "Socrates" & "Plato",  discontinued after a 5 year successful run, were crowd favourites and often the benchmark standards that Eletech's new releases were held to.

The New Generation of "School Of Athens" features our culmination of ideals and philosophies, redesigning a "Copper" & "Silver" offering with a wholly new triple Coaxial and oil soaked geometry that showcases Eletech's advancement in technology and skills from the past 5 years.

Oil Soaked Copper, Continuity of Eletech's Copper flair


Aristotle transcends from previous "School Of Athens" ideals, offering a completely fresh outlook on the extremities of Copper, built with Eletech's new tri-coaxial oil soaked geometry. Combining both Crimson OCC Copper + OCC Copper, the Aristotle offers extended clarity and extensions, excellent copper warmth with a highly layered midrange and visceral low energy. Built with active shielding within the geometry, the "Aristotle" offers an extremely silent and deep dark background while details in the forefront are quick and transient with precision.



- 18 AWG, 2 Wires
- Triple Coaxial Dual Blend Copper Litz
(Oil-soaked Crimson OCC Copper + OCC Copper)
- Multi-Sized Stranding Design
- 24AWG Active Shielding + OCC Shielding Net
- Eletech Bespoke Solder
- Eletech Customised Y-Split & Connectors
- FlexiMax Insulation

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