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Due to Shopify platform restrictions, the "Purgatorio" is set to default 1.5m ; For Custom Length orders, please send us an email

“Purgatorio” was born from months of ceaseless experiments and prototyping and the final result is an exemplary cable structure that bolsters Headphones, elevating it to a whole new level of Flagship performance. 

The ”Purgatorio”offers a dual full core design wherein each signal path (+ / -) is fed with dual highly efficient complete 21 AWG gauge core packed with flagship class high purity OCC Silver.

This configuration essentially allows for an expansive imaging and depth with a fast transient, accurate decay for an alluring true-to-life presentation. ‘Purgatorio’ excels in a highly transparent sound signature while showing off unique characteristics from the customized blend.

The “Purgatorio” is a project that displays a highly transparent and lush  musical presentation while offering precise stereo imaging and huge sound-stage. Its dual shielded layers allow for it to offer a very dark yet transparent background.

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