Eletech introduces Versa™ Adaptive Connectors

Eletech introduces Versa™ Adaptive Connectors

December 18, 2023

Eletech's Latest Connectivity Tech - Versa­™ Adaptive Connectors


Presenting Versa™, Eletech's inaugural swappable connectors. Co-engineered with ddHiFi, this groundbreaking technology harmonizes emotive, musical richness with exceptional detail retrieval. Versa™ offers a dynamic and customizable audio experience tailored to individual preferences. It seamlessly adapts to evolving audio tastes, positioning itself as the future of connectivity—where flexibility converges with precision for a bespoke audio journey.


Versa™: True Lossless Interchangeable Connectors System 



Product Availability:

- Versa™ will be available on all Eletech products in 2024.
- Versa™ connectors will be available for sale via seletecd channels.

More information will be announced soon.



Eletech Headquarters (SG):
Eric Chong, Co-Founder and Marketing Director
E-mail : eric@elementechnology.com
Mobile : (65) 8200-3584
Riccardo Yeh, Co-Founder and Sales Director
E-mail : riccardo@elementechnolgy.com
Mobile : (886) 960-138-438

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