Eletech Unveils

Eletech Unveils "School Of Athens" Series

October 14, 2019


Eletech features their quest for the extremities of a pure material and maximizes the efficiency and performance from a unique materials processing method through the "School Of Athens" series - derived from the "The School Of Athens" (Raphael) found on the wall of the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican depicting philosophy. It's widely recognized as the perfect masterpiece and embodiment of the spirit of Renaissance.  'Plato' is one of the shining talented philosopher whom is illustrated within "The School Of Athens". 



'Plato" is realisation of Eletech’s quest for the ultimate purity and extremities of a single material - Silver. Utilising an unique Eletech maximus efficiency strand geometry with "Plato" catalyst in monocrystal bespoke Silver, the efficiency, speed, accuracy and resolution is unsurpassed within its class. "Plato" is a reference grade silver that is capable of materialising every details from every nooks and cranny of the soundscape. 


- 24 AWG

- Flawless Monocrystal Bespoke Silver 

- Maximus efficiency strand geometry ; Kevlar infused 

- Cryogenically Treated 

- Eletech Bespoke Solder 

- Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

- FlexiMax Insulation (patent pending) 

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