Eletech ProAdapt Series

Eletech ProAdapt Series

April 06, 2021


Eletech ProAdapt Series

ProAdapt Series ; 
Complete Versatility


Announcing our very own "ProAdapt Series" of interconnects and pigtails adaptors.

Forged using the shortest signal path to ensure minimal - nil degradation of SQ! Best paired with IEM cables of the same material to ensure the Sound Signature synergy.

Eletech Bespoke Components
Eletech IC Case

Yes & Yes!

Our highly raved 6w GND interconnects that was making waves earlier across Head-Fi was not a one-off project. They are now officially available!

Featuring a fully grounded connectivity with 2 separate wiring dedicated for a true grounded connection! Hear more detail and experience less noise with a true GND setup!

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