Eletech's Latest Marvel; Enigma - Powered by Versa™

Eletech's Latest Marvel; Enigma - Powered by Versa™

January 31, 2024

Eletech Introduces First Cable with Versa™ system; 'Enigma'


Eletech, synonymous with uncompromising audio excellence, proudly presents the Limited Edition cable, "Enigma." Crafted in collaboration with ECT for exclusive distribution in Hong Kong, this cable represents a pinnacle of sonic sophistication.

"Enigma" boasts a meticulous composition, featuring a bespoke amalgamation of Palladium-Plated Silver, Gold Plated Silver, and OCC Copper—a triad of materials meticulously chosen for their distinct sonic characteristics. Noteworthy is the inclusion of the groundbreaking "Versa" adaptive connector, a testament to Eletech's commitment to advancing audio connectivity.

As Eletech continues its legacy of pushing boundaries, "Enigma" emerges as a testament to the brand's dedication to precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Discerning audiophiles in Hong Kong can now indulge in a listening experience beyond compare, where each note is a revelation.

Enigma; Mysterious, Mesmerising, Melodic

Bespoke Designer Parts

Versa­™ Adaptive Connectors

Versa™ User Guide

Product Availability: 

Enigma with Versa™ will be available exclusively through ECT Hong Kong.

Product Pricing: US$999 (Limited to 60 units)



Eletech Headquarters (SG):

Eric Chong, Co-Founder and Marketing Director
E-mail : eric@elementechnology.com
Mobile : (65) 8200-3584
Riccardo Yeh, Co-Founder and Sales Director
E-mail : riccardo@elementechnolgy.com
Mobile : (886) 960-138-438

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