Eletech Black Friday Special Deals 2022

Eletech Black Friday Special Deals 2022

November 25, 2022

Eletech Black Friday Limited Deals

While stocks lasts, Up to 15% off ~!! ; Limited Quantities Available

Eletech one & only promotional campaign yearly falls on the Black Friday period! Not to be missed, Eletech offers rare deals during the BF Campaign period (25th November - 2nd December 2022)

Element Technology Headquarters, Singapore, November 25, 2022 – Eletech, an innovative designer and atelier for high end IEM cable crafts led the charge for the Head-Fi audiophile yearly promotion season “Black Friday” with attractive and limited deals. Eletech has been known for it’s superior craftsmanship and keen eye to detail whilst having quality and high performance products.


Read on for the exclusive BF 2022 promotion list ;




(Limited to 5 units; Fortitude is going from US$169.00)

Known for its undeniable vocals solvency with a perfect tinge of warmth, the Eletech Fortitude uses Type 4 Litz Copper that offers excellent staging unlike most coppers. One of the foundational keystones of Eletech’s collection, the “Fortitude” is the perfect entry into the Eletech’s bespoke craft.

(Limited to 5 units; Prudence is going from US$210.00)

Star picked for its highly energetic performance, smooth detailing and accuracy, the “Prudence” is augmented with a smooth treble extensions and visceral dynamic bass response. Another one of the foundational keystones of Eletech’s collection, the “Prudence” is takes a peek into the Eletech’s signature of sound at an affordable price category.



(Limited to 3 units; Socrates is going from US$594.00)

Born from the relentless pursuit of purity and extremities of “Copper” element, The Eletech “Socrates” manifests a reference grade copper that articulates emotions and texture. One of the most popular of Eletech’s collection, the Socrates combined both technical performance with Eletech’s touch of aesthetics flair. An incredibly emotive and moving set of cables, the Socrates has been very well-liked in the audiophile community.

(Limited to 3 units; Plato is going from US$850.00)

Efficiency, Speed, Resolution and Accuracy is unsurpassed within it’s class, the Eletech Plato combines a sterile highly technical sound signature with a tinge of organic and natural-ness. A crowd favourite, the Plato features a clean and airy sound signature with incredible sense of smoothness and details without sacrificing dynamism and layered lows.



(Limited to just 2 units; Iliad is going from US$1530.00)

Holography embodied, the Iliad showcases a very realistic set of soundstaging and imaging while adding in textures and layering coupled with a highly dynamic sound signature. Iliad is the go-to for lushness and extremely fun sounding signature without losing an inch of details or airiness. Iliad is one of Eletech’s winning formula that propelled the company to fame and exemplifies the top shelf of Eletech’s repertoire.

(Limited to just 2 units; Aeneid is going from US$2040.00)

Creme de la creme, the absolute top honcho of Eletech’s offerings - “Aeneid”. Offering unsurpassed resolution and neutrality while improving technicalities by a fair margin, the Aeneid is an audiophile’s dream. Mixed with a hint of warmth and lushness, the Aeneid is by far the most technically competent among Eletech’s entire line-up.

Built by Eletech’s top cable artisans, the Aeneid not only promises excellence on the functional front but a highly luxurious product experience.


2022 Flagship: ‘Ode To Laura’

Ode To Laura
(Limited to just 3 units; Ode To Laura is going from US$2550.00)

Drawing experience from “Aeneid” and “Socrates” as well as special configurations like the “Tyrian”, Eletech took the accumulation of R&D and expertise to develop an all new “Ode To Laura" building it afresh from ground up, introducing new geometry and shielding method that has yet to be implemented before, resulting in a stunning new-gen Copper flagship.




(Limited to just 3 units; Inferno is going from US$674.00)

”Dante Series” represents Eletech’s first foray into the realm of full sized Headphone cable. Eletech explores an entirely different approach to crafts and geometry, achieving a perfect blend that is most suitable for Headphones usage elevating it to a whole new level of performance.




Eletech Headquarters (SG):
Eric Chong, Co-Founder and Marketing Director
E-mail : eric@elementechnology.com
Mobile : (65) 8200-3584
Riccardo Yeh, Co-Founder and Sales Director
E-mail : riccardo@elementechnolgy.com
Mobile : (886) 960-138-438

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