Eletech 5th Anniversary Companion Case -

Eletech 5th Anniversary Companion Case - "Cavalry"

February 23, 2024

Eletech releases 150 units of 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Companion Case: 'Cavalry'



Element Technology Headquarters in Singapore, on February 23, 2024 – Eletech, a premier innovative designer and boutique atelier, introduces the renowned limited edition line of accessories, the "Companion Case", "Cavalry". The series of "Companion Case" that accompanies Eletech's higher-end products has long been coveted within the audiophile community. Eletech's team has acquired a piece of premium leather, making it accessible to the public.



'Cavalry' Waxed Kudu Leather

Our team spent a major part of 2023 trying to acquire this highly unique Kudu leather in waxed finish. Often employed by premium shoemakers and luxury fashion lines, it was no easy feat to acquire a small supply of this leather piece. Hence we dedicate this special piece to our 5th Anniversary leather works.


The Cavalry Kudu leather is wax-treated, increasing it's durability and enhancing the waterproofing nature of the leather ; Most importantly, allowing unique patina or texures fades to be created. The leather will come lightly finished by Eletech artisans, while reserving ample amount of white wax on the surface that users may finish off further with either daily use, brushes or leather cloths to create further effects.


Bespoke Eletech Hardware

Handcrafted by boutique leather artisans specially with a maniacal attention to detail, the Companion Case [Cavalry] is crafted into a zipped cylindrical case while having an inlay of the highest quality of high fiber Suede for the interior linings and pockets. Backed by popular demand, the Cavalry is fashioned with hook and button fastener for a multi faceted approach to functionality and portability.

Eletech Team believes that a product is only as good as it’s weakest link. Therefore, for this product, Eletech sought to customize an set of high quality zippers and component to complement the premium leather case.


Product Specifications 

  • Worldwide Limited 150 Pieces
  • “Cavalry” Patina Waxed Kudu Leather
  • Bespoke Eletech Components , Zippers , Hooks
  • Hand Stitched / Individually treated
  • Individually burnished and finished to different effects

**Note: Orders will be shipping out after Mid of March 2024  

Eletech Headquarters (SG):
Eric Chong, Co-Founder and Marketing Director
E-mail : eric@elementechnology.com
Mobile : (65) 8200-3584
Riccardo Yeh, Co-Founder and Sales Director
E-mail : riccardo@elementechnolgy.com
Mobile : (886) 960-138-438

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