Project 8 - Plato

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“Project 8 - Plato”
Pure Indulgence

Project 8 : Plato features a doubled high purity Silver configuration featuring the “P8 Plato” infused with the classic “Plato”. This combination has been tested extensively to allow the Plato to transcend further into a realm of higher technical performance.

Project 8 : Plato features an incredibly detailed and neutral signature. Bringing in incredible amount of details while being very smooth and focused. Sound signature tends towards neutral and fast with great head room.

** Seasonal : Only available till Oct 31st 2021 **


  • 24 AWG , 8 Wires
  • Monocrystal Bespoke Silver (7 Core) , Monocrystal Bespoke Silver
  • 4 wires P8 Plato + 4 wires Plato
  • Kevlar infused
  • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry
  • Cryogenically Treated 
  • Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split
  • Eletech Bespoke Solder
  • FlexiMax Insulation

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