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Eletech’s bold approach in both cable design as well as the components design has been very well received by the audiophile community and the “Aeneid” is no exception. Eletech has further improved on the various aspects of design and endeavors to create the ultimate musicality as well as personified the ‘Eletech Experience’ with the “Aeneid”.

The “Aeneid” is a project to display an inherent high levels of musicality and technicalities whilst being a neutral all-pairing synergy. Stereo imaging and detailing are the foremost consideration within the technical mock up.

“Aeneid” represents the pinnacle of Eletech's R&D, crafted with the highly bespoked components and materials. Every piece of Aeneid take a painstaking great amount of effort and time. As such, only limited quantities can be produced in a year.


  • 24 AWG
  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry
  • Flawless OCC Bespoke GPS 
  • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Eletech Bespoke Solder
  • Eletech Customised Y-Split and Connectors
  • FlexiMax Insulation

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